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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Sep 14, 2018

Today’s guest, Leo Babauta, shares his journey from being stuck and lost in a 9-5 that held him back from being the rockstar dad, blogger, minimalist, and author he is today.  He’s going to teach us how to focus, simplify, and choose the right goals - as he has for over 2 million readers through his blog,  He is brilliant, refreshingly real, and shares some of his lowest lows and simple strategies for focusing, simplifying, and choosing the right goals in order to move forward.  As a parent of 6 kids, he shares his journey with the balance of fatherhood, growing his business, and letting go of the bad habits that finally set him free.  By starting with a single step, loosening your identity, and carving out intentional time, doors will open. Enjoy! WHISKEY & WORK FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: INSTAGRAM: @kelseymurphy WHISKEY & WORK PODCAST CLIFF-NOTES: