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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Mar 8, 2022

The latest and greatest from the Whiskey and Work podcast is for all of you book worms out there. We sit down with entrepreneur and host of the Reading Bug Adventures podcast, Lauren Savage. Running a bookstore, hosting a podcast, all while raising a family, Lauren shares how she manages (or attempts to manage, so many of us might be able to relate) all that life has thrown at her over the last decade. 

What we’re talking about…

  • How Lauren went from stage performer to small business owner
  • How her mother-in-law’s idea of wanting to own a bookstore generated what that small business is today
  • How each step of success cultivated the way to the podcast, the Reading Bug Adventures 
  • The power of putting life lessons in her podcast videos to help kids understand real world problems in an approachable manner
  • The division of work she has created in running the store and being a mom (but yes, emails still get checked several times daily no matter what)
  • From her mother-in-law diving into research and writing scripts, to her husband editing and her children voicing characters, Lauren shares how the whole family gets involved with their business.  
  • The success the Reading Bug Adventures has had during the pandemic, as well as the reach globally it has had
  • The power of personal connections in the small business world
  • Kelsey Murphy gives her stamp of approval for child entertainment that doubles as entertainment for parents 
  • Kenna, Kelsey’s oldest daughter, gets to meet the real life Adventure Bug (yes, singing included!)


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