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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Nov 5, 2019

Christine Hassler is a Master Coach, best-selling author, speaker, and the host of the Over and On With It podcast where she shares spiritual concepts and practical, actionable tools. She went from being a 9-5 Hollywood agent who was unfulfilled to now leading an open, transparent life and business. Christine is discussing the importance of live events, her story of going from burnt out to becoming a life coach, and how you can shift your brain from being nervous and uncomfortable when public speaking to feeling excited. You are going to learn about the importance of connections and creating intimacy, why hustling and multitasking aren’t the directions you should be striving for, and how we all need to be more compassionate with ourselves. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, everybody needs love and connection.

What we’re talking about

  • Learning To Be Compassionate With Yourself
  • Focus On Your Journey, Not Your Destination
  • Discovering Live In-Person Events To Accelerate Your Growth

Learning To Be Compassionate With Yourself

Christine shares how she has had an inner critic for most of her life  and how finding compassion for herself has been the key to her growth. We all have unresolved issues and unprocessed trauma which creates limiting beliefs and in order to get past all of that and heal ourselves, we must surround ourselves with love and connections. Healing is the application of love to the places inside that hurts. 

Focus On Your Journey, Not Your Destination

In a world filled with WiFi and the idea that multitasking and hustling is the only way to succeed, we need to shift our focus to find greater human connection and live life with intention. If you start to focus on your journey and not simply the destination, you’ll be less emotional and more intentional, Christine finds the key to growth and healing is in living a life with intention which often can be taken away when you multitask. 

Discovering Live In-Person Events To Accelerate Your Growth

A great way to discover human connection is by going to live events which provide safe spaces. Christine’s events all focus on the ability to expose yourself while feeling space which will allow for growth and healing. Live events may cause you to feel nervous or uncomfortable which is completely normal. The key is to feel safe and accelerate your growth through human connection.

Discover your intention and make space for it.


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