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Whiskey & Work Podcast

May 12, 2020

There is information overload right now with all things coronavirus related and it can seem overwhelming. We are getting some clear do’s and don’ts from Dr. Ben Johnston and his wife, Alyssa Rosenheck (she’s been on the podcast before!). We are getting Dr. Ben’s medical point of view after talking to numerous doctors and reading a lot of research. We are also hearing from Alyssa who is an interiors and architectural photographer and sharing her views as a business owner who is anticipating a book tour in the fall. Disclosure: Dr. Ben is an ear, nose and throat surgeon, not an epidemiologist or virologist. The views expressed in this interview are his. Please consult your doctor for opinions, your personal risks, and diagnosis. 

Let’s have an honest conversation about Coronavirus!

What we’re talking about

  • Dr. Ben’s Views On Wearing A Face Mask
  •  What Does The Future Of Social Interacting Look Like?
  • Pre-Existing Conditions & The Risk of Coronavirus

Dr. Ben’s Views On Wearing A Face Mask

If you go to the grocery store, you most likely see people in face masks, but there are still some who aren’t wearing masks. There are different types of masks such as the N95 which is designed to protect physicians and medical staff. Dr. Ben says wearing a mask really depends on the setting and environment. He recommends wearing a mask especially if you are indoors and have a prolonged exposure to others. If you are outdoors, such as at a beach, then the value of a mask might not be as high as if you are indoors. The important thing to remember is that wearing a mask protects those around you. Wearing a mask is a sign of solidarity and community and you are supporting your community when you wear one. 

What Does The Future Of Social Interacting Look Like?

Summer is coming up and so are 4th of July celebrations, but what will those celebrations look like? Dr. Ben discusses the risk tolerance of being infected and how that will determine what social interaction is going to look like in the months to come. With warmer weather come the hopes of a reprieve in the virus and a prediction that families and communities will want to come together again. Most likely we won’t see big city gatherings for fireworks displays though. As more testing and research on antibodies come out, we’ll know more, but right now there’s no reason to cancel everything in the future. Dr. Ben advises you should have cautious optimism, but also have a really strong Plan B. Alyssa reminds us that the opportunities could have unexpected positive results and outcomes, so don’t get discouraged. 

Pre-Existing Conditions & The Risk Of Coronavirus

Alyssa is a thyroid cancer survivor, but that fact doesn’t necessarily make her high-risk for contracting Coronavirus. High risk factors include being over the age of 65 and a weakened immune system. Inflammation is playing a factor, yet research is showing that people with asthma and severe allergies appear to be less susceptible to getting it. 

We’re all looking for answers...did you get some today? 


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