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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Apr 27, 2020

We are currently still on lockdown due to COVID-19 and even though times seem crazy, my gratitude has skyrocketed. I’m grateful for the moments that I get to be with myself to listen to what I want or do what I want to refuel my soul. These moments aren’t happening all too often since we are all home as a family and working with our kids. This is a brand new normal and none of us know what the new kind of standard of living will look like, but it will be complicated. There is a difference between surviving and sheltering in place and in the most intense moments, there are things we need to remember and can continue to remember even when things go back to whatever normal will look like. I’m sharing how we’re handling quarantine as a family, how I’m handling it as an individual and sharing my tips to take with you as you navigate this new world.

Let’s reset, be intentional and thoughtful about how we want to show up. 

What we’re talking about

  • The #1 Thing You Should Ask Yourself During Quarantine
  •  How To Stay Present As A Parent
  • The Importance Of Showing Up Intentionally

The #1 Thing You Should Ask Yourself During Quarantine

The #1 thing you should be asking yourself during quarantine is “How do I want to say I showed up during this time in my life 6 months from now?”. Let’s fast forward to 6 months from now and look at the bigger picture. What will have mattered during this time when it comes to our kids? Chances are that screen time is going to matter less and quality time spent dancing and laughing will have mattered more. 

How To Stay Present As A Parent

Staying present as a parent is more complicated due to the balance of staying present as a worker. You’re probably dealing with more temper tantrums and worrying about school work, but with emotions on either a high or a low, it’s important to be proactive instead of reactive. Think about why you wanted to have kids in the first place. You didn’t have kids to ensure they followed the rules or ate their dinner. You became a parent because you loved the idea of having a family and loving your child. Think about why you became a parent, how you want to make your kids feel during this time, and how you want to feel as a parent during this time. Go back to the root of why you became a parent, focus on that, and you’ll breathe easier. 

The Importance Of Showing Up Intentionally

When you show up intentionally you will be proactive in your actions and you can retrain your brain. By showing up intentionally for the important people and moments in your life, you’ll not only feel prouder of yourself, but you’ll also create more memories. Memories that include dance parties and watching trash trucks together instead of disciplining and temper tantrums. Remind yourself to have play time by adding an appointment in your calendar for it. Set aside time for the things that are important to you to ensure they happen. 

How are you going to show up intentionally during quarantine?