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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Jun 20, 2023

Tessa White, also known as The Job Doctor, joins Whiskey and Work to talk about navigating careers and the workplace. Tessa has 20 years of experience as a human resources professional, is a viral sensation and has just released her new book The Unspoken Truths for Career Success. She shares how she got to this point, creating balance in life and provides scripts to engage in difficult conversations at work. Whether you’re in the corporate industry or an entrepreneur, the skills Tessa teaches has something in it for everyone! 


What we’re talking about…

  • Tessa White, The Job Doctor, joins this week’s episode to talk about navigating the workplace 

  • Kelsey shares why she was so drawn to Tessa’s work and why she loves putting career coaches in the hot seat

  • The Unspoken Truths for Career Success is now available on Tessa’s website and where books are sold. This episode dives into the book as well as topics discussed within the book.

  • Tessa shares her story from transitioning from a human resources professional to pivoting to helping people directly with their careers — including the viral TikTok that provided the foundation for her social media following

  • Since then, Tessa has specialized in helping people navigate a difficult workplace and career movement. 

  • Tessa and Kelsey focus on the importance of career balance and how to ultimately avoid burnout in this conversation. 

  • Tessa explains that people must be willing to create balance for themselves through communication. 

  • She shares a strategy of creating 3 buckets for your priority — ranging from the most to least important. 

  • Work environments have a range of over-workers to under-workers. Tessa shares a tip she learned first-hand in how to optimize your work, while being a valuable asset to your company. 

  • Tessa shares script examples on how to have meaningful conversation with your boss when you are feeling frustrated. 

  • How to create conversations that allow you to hit a middle ground in which your company and boss can understand and meet your needs

  • How to navigate these conversation when your boss gives pushback 

  • Kelsey shares her experience from clients that come to her in search of control over their careers, when it often comes from not having the skills Tessa teaches

  • Tessa shares the importance of understanding your values in a company and in your career

  • The two talk about Tessa’s new book, which is meant to be read in bites that provide you with an overview or can relate specifically to a problem you are facing in the workplace or in your career. 

  • Tessa talks about the book club she’ll be hosting for “The Unspoken Truth for Career Success” where she’ll advise on how people can actually apply the advice into their careers. More information on this can be found on her website. 

  •  Use the links below to learn more about Tessa’s work and how to connect 


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