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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Aug 30, 2022

Kelsey shares insights from her own business when deciding to focus on 1:1 coaching versus digital courses. Her simple answer, both can be so important! She explains how she leveraged her 1:1 coaching services to create a platform for her digital courses, as well as shares her future plans in launching courses (spoiler: Amy Porterfield is involved)!

What we’re talking about…

  • Kelsey talks about the dilemma of picking between the two
  • How to use 1:1 coaching to build a base network 
  • Finding out what’s important to this base networking
  • Creating a program that helps the people you want to help
  • Using an email list (no matter how small) to launch a digital course
  • How Kelsey has done this with her business
  • How her business has grown with digital courses
  • Kelsey is partnering with Amy Porterfield in the next wave of digital courses

A {free} Tool or Two! 

Did someone say free? Yup that’s right. Kelsey’s here to help with a few free tools to help launch your business and creative ideas! Click the links to start your journey. 

Links Mentioned

Kelsey Murphy’s Website 

Kelsey Murphy’s Instagram