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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Oct 19, 2021

Let’s debrief: the pandemic world has been hard. This week I want to focus on what I often have to remind myself: patience. No matter if it’s with your business, kids, partner, etc. we need to remember we are in this for the long game. For those words of affirmation listeners keep reminding yourself: patience sweet *insert your name*, patience. 

What we’re talking about…

  • The changes we’ve had in our lives as the world teeters on pandemic restrictions and back to “normal”
  • All the stress and frustration that can go along with this
  • I continue my endless search for a house (this is where I’m working on patience)
  • Committing to the long game in life, no matter what that may be
  • Letting go of the expectation of getting things done right
  • Learning to be patient with yourself 


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