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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Dec 14, 2021

Today we are sitting down with mindset expert Sarah Walton to talk about all things money (yes, including some of our traumas around it). Sarah leans into how we can use money as an expression of love and the cycle of exchange we get to be part of through it. However, on the flipside we talk about money as fear and why finances may trigger us at times. So please, sit back, maybe grab a pen and notepad, as we dive into this week’s episode. 

What we’re talking about…

  • We are sitting down with Sarah Walton, author, speaker and business mentor in her journey of helping women form stronger relationships with money
  • Sarah shares some of her own experiences growing up poor
  • Sarah shares why she felt a need to pick between taking care of herself or her family
  • Kelsey shares some of her early lived experiences surrounding money
  • Sarah explains an ideology that there are only two emotions: love and fear. All other feelings stem from these two
  • Sarah explains why money has a love-like quality
  • Sarah dives into why this can also trigger so many fears and how we often tend to react in response 
  • How we can shift our mindset to see money as an opportunity to face these fears
  • How money is all part of an artistic cycle we get to be part of
  • A shift in perspective as we gear towards the expensive holiday season
  • How we can shift our perspective on sales as we share our own talents with others

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