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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Sep 20, 2022

Marc Champagne, mental fitness strategist and author of Personal Socrates: Questions That Will Upgrade Your Life from Legends & World-Class Performers, joins Kelsey on the latest and greatest from Whiskey and Work. The two talk about mental fitness and how to create success from it — both personally and professionally. Marc explains his philosophy that you are one question away from a better life. Now, let’s learn how to work for this better life. 

What we’re talking about…

  • Kelsey debriefs on Marc’s work as a mental fitness strategists and gives insights into how his questions have helped her in her own life
  • Kelsey explains how Marc’s questions work to dig deeper and deeper (hence the Socratic method)
  • Marc explains how we are all just one question away from a new life
  • He shares his own question: ‘What do I want my life to be?’
  • Tips for prioritizing your mental fitness, such as listing 3-5 things that make you feel good right now
  • The importance of checking in with how you feel in the morning and how asking yourself those tough questions
  • Using experience stacking to take away negative blocks from a moment to instead focus on the positives that came with an experience 
  • The dangers and toll it can take on you when always planning for the worst 
  • Marc’s new book is all about this! It focuses on legends from several industries to pull inspiration from 

A {free} Tool or Two! 

Did someone say free? Yup that’s right. Kelsey’s here to help with a few free tools to help launch your business and creative ideas! Click the links to start your journey. 

Links Mentioned

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Personal Socrates: Questions That Will Upgrade Your Life from Legends & World-Class Performers