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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Apr 13, 2021

I am so excited to bring you this absolutely incredible conversation this week. Stephanie Dodier, a clinical nutritionist, intuitive eating expert, successful entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed rebel, joins us this episode to talk about what intuitive eating truly means. We get personal and discuss our relationship with food, body image, and how our mindset has shifted throughout our lives. This episode is emotional and celebrates the women of today and tomorrow, so join us as we jump into the world of learning to be confident in the body you have. 

What we’re talking about...

  • What it means to be a rebel
  • Stephanie’s journey to intuitive eating
  • Stepping away from diet culture
  • The lost female narrative in health
  • Intuitive vs Systematized
  • The problem with labels
  • Being flexible in every part of your life
  • Cultivating confidence within the patriarchy
  • Living internally rather than outside of ourselves
  • Reconnecting with your innate body wisdom
  • Showing up for yourself differently 
  • The Lifelong Journey


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