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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Jan 6, 2021

Today’s episode is all about setting goals that will create momentum and change in your life. I delve into how amazing goals are, but also how they can be so hard to follow through (especially as the mom of two spirited kiddos). So in this week's episode, we’re talking all about setting goals that both excite and inspire you as we step into the new year. Join me on this journey of keto cookies, almond flour, and monthly goals as we start off 2021!

What we’re talking about...

  • Every type of flour and sugar imaginable!
  • Stepping into the new year with goals that will guide you
  • 2021: The Year of Growth
  • What you want your life to look like in 6 months
  • Discovering the goals that excite and inspire you
  • A small list of big goals vs a big list of small goals
  • Goals to help your business grow in the way you want it to
  • Kelsey’s Ripple Effect Goal
  • Looking at the big picture rather than the small details
  • Getting excited for the goals you’ve set


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