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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Aug 16, 2022

This week Kelsey is joined by the infamous Amy Porterfield to talk all things digital courses. The two also dive into Amy’s recent move from San Diego to Nashville, building a team and creating a business that fits around your priorities. Sit back, relax and grab the notepad for this week’s latest and greatest from Whiskey and Work.

What we’re talking about…

  • Kelsey shares some of Amy’s incredible successes and shares her own experience looking up to her as a female entrepreneur 
  • The two chat about sunny San Diego, what Amy misses about it and how she’s loving her new town 
  • Amy shares about her digital academy 
  • How and why Amy focuses her programs on the marketing aspect of a course 
  • The importance of a strong email list and how to build one’
  • Creating starter courses, spotlight courses and signature courses, plus when to build these based on your businesses timeline
  • How payment plans can open the door for new clients, while creating lasting clients 
  • Amy shares success stories from clients and what advice they took to heart
  • The value of doing pre-recorded versus live courses (pros and cons for each!)
  • How Kelsey uses these skills to create a business around her priority of being a mom
  • Amy shares about her course confident boot camp

A {free} Tool or Two! 

Did someone say free? Yup that’s right. Kelsey’s here to help with a few free tools to help launch your business and creative ideas! Click the links to start your journey. 

Links Mentioned

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