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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Dec 3, 2019

Lori Zanini is a Registered Dietician, Author, and former national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrician and Dietetics who has built a business working just 5 hours a week while also being a wife and mom of 2. Lori turned her book, For The Love Of Diabetes into an online training program and created a course with her husband. She’s sharing how she went from creating an online sales funnel to automating her systems which now allows her to be in charge of her time and schedule, while spending quality time with her family.

It is possible to change lives and not work full-time!


What we’re talking about

  • What It’s Like To Launch A Business And Work With Your Spouse

  • Automating Your Business To Maximize Your Time

  • Loving Your Work And Not Wanting To Retire


What It’s Like To Launch A Business And Work With Your Spouse

Lori wanted to create an online course to help increase her business and her husband was not only supportive of this idea, but decided to partner with her on it. He left his digital marketing job to help her create an online course and community. They moved away from their home to focus on their course creation, but the real work began when they moved back to reality and living their every day lives as working partners. Splitting responsibilities when it comes to work and parenting is key in working with your spouse and Lori explains how they were able to do this and be successful with two small children.

Automating Your Business To Maximize Your Time

Automating her business has been the key for Lori’s 5 hour work week. Lori explains step by step how the automation process works within her business from the sales funnel to the email sequence to course payment. Lori’s main work includes personally welcoming new clients and responding to all of the emails that come her way. Her goal is to make clients feel welcomed and supported while also ensuring she’s there for her husband and children and enjoying every moment with them.  

Loving Your Work And Not Wanting To Retire

It’s not rare to hear people say they want to work enough to allow their spouse to retire or to make enough money that they can retire, but that’s not Lori’s goal. Lori and her husband’s goal was to work because they want to and to do things that are important to them. It’s important to find work you love doing and find worthwhile because it will ensure you don’t feel you are a slave to your job and that you are truly in charge of your own time. 

Would you love a business that allowed you to work 5 hours a week?


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