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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Nov 26, 2019

Friends should inspire you, but at some point you might find that you need more support in your friendships. Friends can either feed us or bleed us and it’s important to recognize when your growth has created a need for new friends. I’m not saying to drop your current friends, but you both might need some different inspiration that you simply can’t give each other. Whether you’re in a 9-5 and wanting to break free, or 35, dating and looking for examples of relationships that are solid, the key to finding support and  inspiration is to surround yourself with people who have what you are striving for. 

Get ready to discover if your friends are feeding you or if it’s time to find some new ones!

What we’re talking about

  • Are Your Friends Holding You Back From Pursuing Your Dreams?
  • What Kind Of Effect Do Friends Have On Your Ability To Follow Through?
  • 3 Warning Signs That You Need New Friends

Are Your Friends Holding You Back From Pursuing Your Dreams?

Relationships are all about communication and finding common ground, but what happens when you aren’t finding those commonalities? If you’re ready to start a new business and get out of your 9-5, but your coworkers don’t understand why you would want to leave their epic workplace, then it’s time to start looking for people who are like-minded and want to also do more than stay in the corporate rat race. It’s not their fault that they enjoy where they are, but in order for you to find inspiration to chase your dreams, you need to surround yourself with friends who have similar dreams.

What Kind Of Effect Do Friends Have On Your Ability To Follow Through?

I’m sharing the story of being at my corporate 9-5 and dreaming about starting my own business while my coworkers couldn’t understand why I would possibly want to leave. My client, Eryn is 35 and feels like there’s no hope for her in finding a husband and having a lasting relationship because she is surrounded by people who met in college or got married in their 20’s. Adding to your group of friends will not only change your mindset, but open your eyes to new possibilities. Friendships change, grow and evolve as the years go by, but it’s important to allow yourself to grow and find others who will grow with you.

3 Warning Signs That You Need New Friends

There are 3 warning signs you should look for that will tell you it’s time to find new friends. The first sign is when you start to judge your friends. You become negative about them instead of recognizing that you’re simply in different places in your life. The second warning sign is you have friends that are providing the wrong evidence you need in your life right now. An example is when you want to see that it’s possible to get married in your 30’s and find love and have a family, but all of your friends got married much earlier in life and there are no examples of love later on. The third warning sign if you’re not walking away feeling like a better human after hanging out with your friends. If you feel negative, then it’s time to re-evaluate who you are spending time with. 

Schedule time on your calendar to meet new people this week and tell me how it went! 


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