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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Aug 18, 2020

This week’s episode is one of my favorites that we’ve ever recorded! I'm so freaking excited to introduce you to communications guru and Ted Talk Expert Bronwyn Saglimbeni. Today Bronwyn and I dive deep into the importance of discovering the best version of yourself so that you can truly shine. Plus understanding that learning to communicate well is the key to making your life the best it can be. 

What we’re talking about...

  • Bronwyn’s Sicilian revelation that changed her life.
  • The Three Year Manifesto Bronwyn and Kelsey swear by.
  • Stripping away the parts of your job that make you unhappy before cutting out. 
  • Bronwyn’s Game Changers and Gottas.
  • The importance of your pre-game ritual.
  • Systematically setting yourself up for success.
  • Navigating between big Me and little me. 
  • Letting go of the self-deprecating thoughts that hold you back.
  • Using this time to be a listener and learner as we evaluate our privilege. 
  • Learning to strive for connection rather than perfection. 


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