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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Jul 14, 2020

Today’s episode shares inspiring stories and wisdom that these epic Black entrepreneurs have brought to the podcast 4 AMAZING guests and all of the wisdom they have brought to the podcast. In honor of the Black Lives Matter movement, we are compiling episodes featuring guests like Justin Michael Williams, Teneshia Jackson Warner, Ahiyana Angel, and Keenya Kelly. These conversations are so good, and I think that they will enrich your lives, just as they’ve done to mine. Warning: they’re gonna be raw and real, but SO powerful. So sit back and relax, and get ready to listen in to this meaningful (and inspiring) episode. 

Teneshia Jackson Warner, Award-winning Multicultural Marketing Expert & Author of The Big Stretch

Teneshia is the founder and CEO of EGAMI Group, a leading multicultural marketing and communications firm, and shares her journey of creating a business and what it took to figure out what she wanted to do. When you’re in the corporate world and want to find yourself, it can be so hard to dream and discover your passions -- but Teneshia is breaking it down so we can do exactly that. 

Justin Michael Williams, Author of Stay Woke: A Meditation Guide For The Rest Of Us & Top 20 Recording Artist

Justin is giving us all the tools to meditate in order to connect our passions and dreams in this ever-changing and complicated world. He presents meditation in a new way where there’s less zen and more of a way to find your passion and discover what you should be focusing on next and doing in your life. 

Keenya Kelly, CEO and Founder of Return of the Curls and Keenya Kelly LLC & Inspirational Speaker

This conversation is a heavy one… but let me tell you -- it’s an eye opening one. Keenya has so kindly offered herself to be a bridge between White people and Black people, talk about racism, and provide ways to navigate these tricky waters.

Ahiyana Angel, Host of the “Switch, Pivot, or Quit” Podcast & Former NBA Marketer

Ahiyana is breaking down how to tap into a sense of courage and fearlessness, step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself to those boundaries that you thought you couldn’t possibly pass. 

What we’re talking about

  • How to become self-aware and recognize your skillset
  • The importance of creating partnerships that are a win-win
  • Utilizing meditation in your business to create your vision
  • How to switch, pivot, or quit in your career
  • How to conquer the feeling of unfulfillment
  • What is means to be an ally
  • Actionable steps we can take to make a difference (spoiler: they’re simpler than you may think)


See Keenya’s Full Episode Here...Answers To Racism Questions: Protests, Riots & Whose Lives Matter {Featuring Keenya Kelly}