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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Jul 7, 2020

Today’s episode is going to give you some awesome advice on how to keep going even when it feels hard in the midst of Covid scaries, quarantining with kiddos, dismantling white supremacy and more. I’m sharing my personal experiences (some highs and some lows…. Spoiler alert: I kill a few caterpillars) and how I’m staying motivated (even when I don’t want to).  This is another personal episode, that touches on my business, my home life, and gives you some inspirational nuggets of wisdom.

What you’re going to hear...

  • A crazy, hilarious story about killing caterpillars with my toddler (you guys, it’s worth listening to) 
  • Your next MUST purchase item on Amazon 
  • How I handle feeling like a failure (as a mom & in my business) 
  • A few secrets about how scared I can feel sometimes 
  • A simple 15-minute exercise I do EVERY SINGLE DAY (and you should to)
  • The main reason you don’t feel productive (or proud of yourself) 
  • Some BIG & small goals you should set for yourself this season 
  • How empathizing with other people can change your life
  • Recognizing when you need to slow down
  • And a reminder that we can do hard things


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