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Whiskey & Work Podcast

May 5, 2020

Today I am celebrating the fact that we’ve made it through another day during quarantine! We are still on lockdown and there are definitely some sweet times with the kids, but it is hard to parent and work at the same time. For that reason alone, we are celebrating the fact that we are doing a great job and you should be doing the same. I am not a multi-tasker when it comes to dealing with 2 important things such as work and being a parent at the exact same time. I built my business so that I wouldn’t have to do both of these important things at the same time, but right now, we have to do it all. Last week, we discussed the #1 thing you should do with your kids and today we are talking about the #1 thing you should do with your work during this time. has to do with cutting your to-do list in half!

You’re doing a great job! Keep showing up!

What we’re talking about

  • Deciding Your Future 3 Years From Now
  •  Simplifying Your Work To Do List
  • Your New Ritual - Celebrating Every Night

Deciding Your Future 3 Years From Now

Work is an important part of our lives and how we show up during this time can be overwhelming. To help you figure out how to show up, look at 6 months from now and decide how you want to look back on this time. In order to decide what we want that to look like, create your 3 year manifesto and start planning how your life will look 3 years from now. By doing this, you’ll know what to focus on during this time and it will help you discover what the meaningful things are.

Simplifying Your Work To Do List

Simplify your work to do list by only focusing on the things that are truly meaningful. You’re going to discover what is meaningful to you by working on your 3 year manifesto and deciding what you want your life to look like. Cut your to do list in half and make those tasks the most significant ones that will help you move the needle in your business. 

Your New Ritual - Celebrating Every Night

We all have a natural tendency to focus on the things we should have done instead of focusing on celebrating the things we have done. Every night, take some time to write down 10 things you accomplished that day and notice the small things. From taking a shower to getting a workout in, you’re doing it all and you’re doing a great job! Start celebrating your accomplishments consistently and teach your brain to become more resilient. Celebrate yourself every single day!

Are you celebrating how amazing you are?


EP 119: The #1 Thing To Do During COVID-19 Quarantine (Work From Home With Kids Edition)

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