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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Apr 7, 2020

Author and Life Coach, Susie Moore has not only been mentioned on, Forbes, but Arianna Huffington has said that Susie “helps you not only discover your own purpose but offers a practical guide to making it the driving force in your work and life.” Susie is teaching others how to do meaningful, intentional work while creating a schedule that works for you. She’s sharing her tips on scheduling leverage in your media and connecting with who you really want to connect and work with. We’re discussing the difference between stress and having stressful thoughts, what Susie’s daily schedule entails and how she’s creating content and pitching to media outlets to build her business. 

It’s time to take action and kill fear!

What we’re talking about

  • Susie Moore’s Tips On Leveraging Media
  • Stress vs. Stressful Thoughts: How To Avoid Perfectionism
  • Susie Moore’s Daily Schedule & Routine

Susie Moore’s Tips On Leveraging Media


Susie’s biggest tip on how to leverage and gain media is consistency. You need to pitch yourself and your topics more than once because follow up can literally be the game changer. In addition to following up, be sure that the topics you write on are things you love that can showcase your strengths and make you stand out.  Susie says that guest posting is better that TV and podcast appearances because a post allows a reader to simply click on a link to get to you and your articles are online forever. Be consistent around the content you create and you will become the expert in your field. 

Stress vs. Stressful Thoughts: How To Avoid Perfectionism

We all have times of stress, but Susie says it’s important to remember that we can avoid stressful thoughts if we avoid perfectionism. Through her interviews with Kris Jenner and Sara Blakley, Sara has heard time and time again that asking for help and asking questions is one of the biggest strengths you can have. When it comes to stress, we all have a choice between misery and uncertainty, but many choose misery  because being stuck in a job you hate is easier than the taking the leap into something new. 

Susie Moore’s Daily Schedule & Routine

Susie’s schedule involves routine and a lot of free time. By creating a routine, there’s less room for self-doubt and wasting valuable time. Your schedule is what you make of it and Susie says she never uses the word “busy” to describe herself. Her morning starts with time for her own content. Susie doesn’t take meetings or calls until noon and she prioritizes time by saying no to most things. At the beginning of the year, Susie schedules her vacations before anything else and she also outsources what makes sense. In your daily schedule, remember to give yourself a finish time. For Susie, it’s 4pm and happy hour with her husband awaits her most days. 

How are you putting yourself out there this week?


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