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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

There are certain things that every small business owner needs and today I’m sharing what I believe are necessary both personally and financially and how not having these key components can negatively affect your business. Discover how you can implement these 3 things in your small business today, regardless of whether you are just starting out or are a few years into your business, and learn how I’ve used these game changing ways to propel my business forward.

Let’s surround ourselves with the right people!

What we’re talking about

  • How To Find Your Business Tribe For Support
  • Find Yourself A Mentor
  • Giving Back In Your Business - Be A Mentor

How To Find Your Business Tribe For Support

Finding a group of women who support you is going to create consistency and help you financially succeed in your business. These women aren’t going to suddenly come into your life though. You need to search for your supporters, make an effort and reach out to women that you want to have support you, but that you also want to support in their businesses. Finding your support crew is a growth strategy and you have to prioritize it. 

Find Yourself A Mentor

When you choose a mentor, you are finding the person who will help you make decisions faster in your business. Your mentor is someone who has already been there. For me, I look not only at someone’s professional life, but also what kind of personal life they have. When you discover the person you want to have as your mentor, reach out to them. Don’t wait until they become too busy or too big to mentor you.

Giving Back In Your Business - Be A Mentor

It is so important to find a way to give back in your business and one of my favorites is to be a mentor to someone starting out. Giving back, making it less about you, will give you more energy and a deeper meaning on your journey. Being a mentor will also remind you of all you have to offer since we too often forget all that we are good at. 

What’s the first step you’re going to take today to grow your business?


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