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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Feb 4, 2020

Marie Forleo is the best selling author of Everything Is Figureoutable and host of MarieTV, which now has over 52M downloads, and is back on the podcast today getting even more personal than before. We are reminiscing about being beginners and how you need to embrace starting out in your business.  Want to hear how Marie got started in her business? Go check out episode 38 of the podcast to get the story about her first life coaching workshop in her basement! 

Today we are getting personal. Marie is sharing what she wanted in her personal life and what it took to make her business fit that lifestyle. Let’s be honest, I live a bit of an alternative lifestyle with working 3 days a week with epic clients while also making weekday pancakes for my kiddo. Marie is talking for the first time about what it means to redefine what success means to you and she’s getting very specific. We talk about metrics and applying that to your business and your life. For me, it’s having dates on my calendar that allow for room and space dedicated to watching the garbage trucks, having a date with my husband and doing nothing else, but also allowing me time for a business that I love working with epic humans and generating high profits. 

Too often we get sucked into the idea that we can’t have it all by being a stay-at-home mom AND a bad ass business owner or an epic career and time with your kids, but the truth is that you can. I refuse to believe you can’t have the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, which is I why I searched for people like Marie who were building both….the personal life they always wanted and a business that could support it. It’s what Marie’s done, it’s what I’ve been able to do and it’s what I really want for every single woman out there. 

Get ready for a very personal, real conversation with Marie and look out for an F bomb somewhere along the way!

What we’re talking about

  • Redefining What Success Means To You

  • Defining Metrics That Matter To You In Life

  • Learning How To Simplify In Order To Amplify Your Business

Redefining What Success Means To You

Success looks different for different people, but defining it for yourself is what is most important. Marie reminds us that the things we were taught success means aren’t ideas that we came up with ourselves. It’s up to each one of us to redefine what what success looks like to us because that is what you should be working towards. 

Defining Metrics That Matter To You In Life

Marie is taking metrics to a new level by applying them to your life. She says we should define the metrics that matter most to us and revisit them at least once a year. For Marie, it’s asking herself is her team happy and healthy? How much revenue and profit is she bringing in? Is she and her team taking 2 weeks off in the summer and 2 weeks off in the winter? These are the metrics that matter to Marie and what she works towards in her business in order to have the life she desires. 

Learning How To Simplify In Order To Amplify Your Business

You will hear Marie say over and over again that if you aren’t sharing your talent, service or product with the world, then you are stealing from other people. The truth is that you don’t have to do a lot of things, just be great at a few things and focus on them. If you market and sell your specialty with intention, specificity and focus, then you will find that sweet spot and success will follow. 

It takes courage to listen to the small voices and go in a different direction. Are you ready to lead the way?



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