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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Dec 8, 2021

Coming to you from my new house (finally, the search is over!) I want to touch on three tips and tricks for investing in the upcoming new year. First, invest in your business training. There is a clear divide between your skills as a coach and your ability to market that to others, so make sure to separate those two! Secondly, invest in a system to get clients. Create a consistent funnel of clients that you can navigate through when you're looking for extra work or even when you look to pull back a little. Lastly, invest in relationships. Coming from the corporate world, many of those relationships are built in. In coaching we gotta put in a little extra work to find that community, but trust me, it’s so worth it!

What we are talking about…

  • We finally moved! Our home is a charming place with character that I’m excited to love with my family.
  • Huge shout out to Pure Salt Interiors for creating a beautiful aesthetic in my home! I’ve loved coaching them the past few years and the opportunity to see them in action!
  • Three things we should be investing in this year as coaches 
  • 1. Invest in business training
  • You have the skills, now it’s time to market yourself! Creating a distinction between the two will allow you to reflect on your own abilities.
  • If the clients aren’t knocking at your door, don’t assume it's your coaching skills, take a moment to reflect on your own business training and marketing. 
  • 2. Invest in a system to get clients 
  • I’ve seen many of my students make huge strides in this over the last year!
  • Create a consistent funnel of clients and know where to get them
  • You are the boss. You get to decide when to take on extra clients or when to pull back to enjoy other parts of life. Doing this will let you work in security no matter what season you are in!
  • 3. Invest in relationships
  • The corporate world built this in, but now what?
  • Be willing to invest a little time and money to find your own community
  • This can be through classes or conferences
  • Hope holiday season, you got this! 


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