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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Feb 22, 2022

We’re sitting down with communications coach Bronwyn Saglimbeni this episode to talk about all things public speaking. First and foremost, Bronwyn reminds us that the audience is the basis of every speech, write and speak for them. Bronwyn lays out tips, tricks and advice on how to ignore fear and speak in the moment for the tribe right in front of you.   

What We’re Talking About

  • Bronwyn’s extensive history and credentials as a communications coach 
  • How to morph any audience into your tribe (or at least choosing to speak to an audience who you can authentically relate to!)
  • How to prepare with the audience in mind the entire time
  • Looking past fear when it comes to all out effort and public speaking
  • A shift in speech preparation to instead focus more on the content than the mechanics
  • How to speak to the “interest span"
  • Why you should ask the right questions about your audience and how to get into their psyche 
  • Mapping out the sections of a speech 
  • How and why to run with a crappy first draft
  • Reminder: you may start off awkward, but that comes with mastering any new skill!

A {free} Tool or Two! 

Did someone say free? Yup that’s right. Kelsey’s here to help with a few free tools to help launch your business and creative ideas! Click the links to start your journey. 

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