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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Feb 22, 2021

This week we’re welcoming back the incredible Teneshia Jackson Warner. CEO of an award-winning marketing agency, acclaimed author, and founder of The Dream Project, Teneshia Jackson Warner is here to talk about the dreams we all have. Teneshia dives into what it means to decide whether to defer your dreams or to chase your dreams as a warrior. Join us as we learn how to navigate and bring your dreams to life!


What we’re talking about...

  • Teneshia and The Dream Project
  • Teneshia’s lessons from 2020
  • Learning to follow “the tug”
  • What it means to be a Dream Warrior
  • Becoming the strongest version of you
  • Recognizing the fight inside each of us
  • Growing beyond the boundaries holding you back
  • Rethinking and redesigning your dreams for the future
  • Realizing that time is working in your favor
  • Deferring your dreams does not mean giving up



Teneshia Jackson Warner Website

Teneshia Jackson Warner Instagram