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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Oct 4, 2022

Stacy Tuschl entrepreneur, podcast host and author joins Kelsey on the latest and greatest of Whiskey and Work. The two met years ago at a conference when they were just starting their businesses and now they take some time to reflect on how they grew them. They also talk about the importance of rewarding yourself and how to become an implementation machine. 

What we’re talking about…

  • Kelsey shares about the conference where she first met Stacy and how she tried to pick her brain the entire time
  • Stacy explains how she grew her business from her parents backyard to what is now a seven-figure machine
  • Stacy explains that a lot of sacrifice was put into building her business to get it to a place it is today
  • The two talk productivity and ambition
  • Kelsey opens up about insecurities she feels when she doesn’t met her own assigned goals or to-dos 
  • Stacy talks about the power of rewarding yourself when you hit tangible goals whether that’s allowing yourself to be paid more, indulging in a bag you’ve had your eye on, or whatever it may be!
  • The power of mindset in implementation and how to set goals you will actually follow through on
  • The two talk about their beliefs on “having it all” 
  • Interested in more implementation strategy and advice? Check out Stacy’s book The Implementation Code: Unlock the Secret to Getting It All Done (see links mentioned below!)

A {free} Tool or Two! 

Did someone say free? Yup that’s right. Kelsey’s here to help with a few free tools to help launch your business and creative ideas! Click the links to start your journey. 

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