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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Nov 10, 2020

Today’s episode is raw, emotional, and so real. My fellow mom, boss lady, and amazing friend Kelly Leveque joins us. Kelly is a celebrity nutritionist, recent podcast extraordinaire, and a returning guest to Whiskey & Work. Today Kelly and I share emotional stories from 2020, and we dive deep into our personal you a peek behind the scenes and into our hearts. If you’re struggling or in need of a reset, stick around and hang with two friends, as we have a conversation about what’s really important. 


What we’re talking about...

  • The emotional and draining year for everyone
  • How Kelly balanced family and work during a difficult time
  • Abbreviating instead of cancelling, the 2020 mantra 
  • Why it’s important to keep going even when you want to give up
  • Pushing through for the people you love the most
  • Finding the balance between vulnerability and privacy
  • Saying yes to opportunities because you definitely can do it!
  • Being ok with the idea that some things you do may not be perfect
  • Learning to trust yourself and believe in the work you’re doing
  • Becoming the successful person you’ve always wanted to be



Kelly Leveque Website