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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Mar 15, 2022

On the latest and greatest from Whiskey and Work we are sitting down with rocket scientist (well, former rocket scientist) Dr. Portia Jackson to talk about finances. Sounds scary? Not at all. Portia gives us new ways to approach finances as an entrepreneur based on personality types. This aerospace engineer turned financial wellness expert shares some ways to approach finances in a relationship that can be fun as well.  What we’re talking about…

  • How and why Portia went from an aerospace engineer to a financial wellness expert 
  • How finances can be approached based on your enneagram personality type
  • We dive into some of the basics about enneagrams 
  • How understanding the cross section between finances and personality types can make you a better communicator with your partner and others
  • Outlining how to view finances first based on personality type, then on life style and then getting down to those practicalities
  • How you can prepare yourself now for generational wealth
  • How to arrive at a tangible financial goal to achieve your dream lifestyle
  • Portia shares about her program, Frisky finances, which helps foster the conversation around finances for couples (while also making it enjoyable!)

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