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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Feb 1, 2022

This week we’re back with another guest who will make your entrepreneurial life a little (or a lot) easier. Brittany Long is an email marketing strategist that specializes in creating evergreen email sequences. What exactly does that mean? Well sit back and enjoy the latest from Kelsey and Brittany.  What we’re talking about…

  • Evergreen email sequences are batched emails for your audience once they subscribe to your email list.
  • These emails will stay meaningful, emotional and relevant at any time.
  • How an evergreen email sequence gives you as an entrepreneur/business owner the flexibility to take a step back and enjoy the happiness in life, cope with the chaos or whatever it may be
  • Why your clients deserve to see these pieces of art (aka your emails) you poured your heart and soul into 
  • How to make these art pieces evergreen 
  • How these provide connection and community, no matter where you or a client may be coming from
  • How preparing an email system will set you up for success (or at least survival) when life gets crazy
  • Brittany shares how this has helped in her own business and gives her the freedom to take Fridays off to spend with her family (score right?!)
  • Brittany shares her array of services offered that are based on how involved you as the business owner wants to be in emailing 
Sneak peek at the best tips and tricks for writing emails…
  • Look up where your showing up online 
  • How often are you emailing? Make it as consistent as possible 
  • Ask your audience to respond!
  • Look at what is commonly asked within your specific niche
  • Go into the content you have already created and take a real dive into it 
  • And because Brittany is way too good to us, she's sharing her email workshop with us for free! Hidden Loot Workshop Code: KELSEY
  • To keep up with Brittany, check out her website Win with Systems 

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