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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

TedX Speaker and attorney, Emily D. Baker is getting real about what it meant to  find her identity in her career only to realize it wasn’t who she wanted to be. Emily went from living a life as a lawyer with constant police protection to helping online business owners get legit in their businesses and finding more time to focus on herself and her family. Emily is both strong and soft in her personality and one of the strongest, smartest and most badass women I know. We’re talking about what it means to shift your career to be true to who you are and fit the needs of your family, the differing views on feminism and the way women are treated in the corporate workplace and what the future of online businesses looks like. 

Don’t lose your identity in your career…Make your career about YOU!

What we’re talking about

  • Emily’s TedX Talk On Self-Identity: When Your Identity Gets Lost In Your Career
  • Different Points Of View On Feminism
  • Who We Are vs. What We Do – Shifting Your Career To Fit Your Life

Emily’s TedX Talk On Self-Identity: When Your Identity Gets Lost In Your Career

Emily’s TedX talk on self-identity stemmed from the fact that she got lost in her legal career because she self-selected her job. She says that when things get dysfunctional, such as having police protection for yourself and your family all the time, they simply feel normal for you. It feels good until it doesn’t anymore. As a way to discover what else was out there, Emily stepped into the MLM world for a moment and the one thing she learned was that there is a group of women out there who are all looking for more when it comes to working for themselves and finding a balance for their families. We are taught as children that everything in life is about what we do. It starts with adults asking children what they want to be when they grow up and in turns makes money become your sole identifying factor. Emily became determined to shift her identity and not let money be wrapped up in it. Emily decided to look at what parts of her life she had stifled and to start making that switch. We are in charge of creating the life we want to live, but we need to recognize the changes we need to make in order to live the life we want.

Different Points Of View On Feminism

Emily is hands down a feminist and we discuss the differences in how feminism is viewed. Women are treated differently than men overall in the workforce. This is apparent in the treatment of men versus women leaving for a child’s t-ball game or in caring for a parent. A man might be patted on the back if he leaves for a game and told he’s a good dad, while a mom might be asked why she’s leaving early again. We can also look at our maternity leave policies and the lack thereof in the corporate world as an example of how our views on women in the workforce need to shift. Some feminists think that laundry might not be enjoyable, yet the fact that you can choose to do your laundry and run a business and do what you want is truly what being a feminist is about. 

Who We Are vs. What We Do – Shifting Your Career To Fit Your Life

Who we are is often defined by what we do as a career. It’s important to shift your career to fit your life and your identity. Instead of being wrapped up in the metrics or performance of money, we should focus on once our needs are met by our finances to understand that it’s ok to slow down and take a break. Money is not who we are or what we should be identifying with.  Emily shares how having an online business allows for this kind of mentality and mindset shift and how right now is a wonderful time to launch your own. She warns that you should pay attention to the ever changing legal landscape of online businesses as they become more regulated. 

Have you shared your 3 words that you identify with? 


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