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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

Attorney turned Life Coach and host of the Unf*ck Your Brain podcast (with 5M downloads), Kara Loewentheil has been featured in the Huffington Post and Mind, Body, Dream. She’s got her B.A. from Yale, J.D. from Harvard and is sharing how she left her legal career to become a life coach. Kara is a self-proclaimed feminist and is coaching other women how to become more confident in any area of their lives. With Kara’s help, her clients are feeling empowered at work, negotiating raises and not worrying about what others think. She specializes in women becoming aware of their critical thoughts and training their brains to overwrite those thought patterns in order to change their lives.

Get ready to feel empowered over everything you think!

What we’re talking about

  • Career Switch: From Attorney To Life Coach
  • Steps To Changing The Way You Think
  • How A Podcast Helps Your Business

Career Switch: From Attorney To Life Coach

Kara not only went to college for law, but earned her Juris Doctrate from Ivy League Harvard. As Kara started her job search, she was about to undertake a year-long journey in which she had to travel extensively in order to apply for a legal position. Knowing that this was not her ideal career, she decided to become a certified life coach in order to help women retrain their brains. As an attorney, Kara’s focus was on reproductive rights and has always been a proud feminist. By switching her career from law to life coaching, Kara’s focus was to take the genius parts of good, rigorous coaching but doing it in a way that takes into account that women are raised differently and socialized to think differently of themselves.

Steps To Changing The Way You Think

The first step to changing the way we think about ourselves, the world, our worth and everything else is to become aware of our unconscious thoughts. Kara shares how society has taught us to think a certain way, such as women are taught to believe that other people being happy with them is the most important thing, when in fact it isn’t.  She focuses on confidence and spotting patterns where we are concentrating on what society has taught us, rather than on what we should be thinking of ourselves. Once you untrain and unf*ck your brain, you will discover more confidence and a power within you that deserves to come out.

How A Podcast Helps Your Business

In Kara’s first year of coaching she made $50,000 and then decided to launch her podcast focusing on laywer stress. The Lawyer Stress Solution podcast wasn’t about her being a life coach, but it certainly grew her client load since she referred to the life and stress of being an attorney and how she could help attorneys with their thought processes. 6 months later, she decided to rebrand and niche down focusing on women and specifically feminists. Kara was filling a gap in the market where there wasn’t one and with the creation of Unf*ck your brain, she made $100,000. Kara shares that the tranisition of her podcast was hard at first because she didn’t have the clarity that she does now, but it was worth the effort.

Do you want to retrain your thoughts and unf*ck your brain?


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