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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Mar 10, 2020

Justin Michael Williams is an author, speaker, top 20 recording artist and has been featured by, Yoga Journal,, Wanderlust, South by Southwest to name a few. His new book, Stay Woke: A Meditation Guide For The Rest Of Us is helping people focus on their dreams and change their lives. Justin’s biggest mission is to change the lives of underprivileged children through meditation because he wants them to realize their purpose and potential is much larger than their surroundings. He’s giving us the tools to meditate in order to connect our passions and dreams in this ever-changing and complicated world. Justin presents meditation in a new way where there’s less zen and more of a way to find your passion and discover what you should be focusing on next and doing in your life. 

We are modern people in a high-tech world with first world problems and a long to do list, so we need to let the quiet in and connect with ourselves. 

What we’re talking about

  • What Is Meditation And How Do You Meditate?
  • Utilizing Meditation In Your Business To Create Your Vision
  • Hustling Does Not Mean Sacrificing Your Time Or Life

What Is Meditation And How Do You Meditate?

Meditation is not about relaxing. It’s about becoming more alive and creating space in our minds to receive the answers to the questions we keep asking. The practice is learning to let the storms pass through you and stay connected to a ground that is unmovable and unshakable at all times. If you’ve never meditated before and are just starting out, you might think you need to get your mind to stop thinking, but that’s not true. You want your body to be extremely comfortable. If your body is not comfortable, your brain can’t relax. Get cozy, then dive into the mind. Stillness is overrated, so feel free to move around a bit and start to notice the thoughts you’ve been pushing down. If work has been bothering you and making you anxious,  then that is something running in the background of your mind and you should allow it to come up and focus on it. This is what meditation is all about. 

Utilizing Meditation In Your Business To Create Your Vision

When you create your vision and mission for your business, you should practice meditation. By meditating, you’ll be able to go deeper on what you really want for your business and go into your heart instead of your head or ego. Meditation is a practice that helps you understand how to bring your vision and mission into the world that is authentic to you and rooted in your heart. 

How Meditation Can Help Children

Justin is on a mission to get kids to dream bigger, especially underprivileged kids. He is giving thousands of his books away to underprivileged kids in order to give them the tools to imagine a life that is bigger than what is around them. Justin is teaching them a tool to see there is more for their lives and giving them access to a resource inside themselves that is limitless and endless. He says we need to focus on our youth and not just those that are privileged. By teaching children how to meditate, we are showing them a way to grow from their trauma and recognize and realize their greater potential. 

Do you practice meditation to realize your potential and follow your passions?


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Stay Woke: A Meditation Guide For The Rest Of Us