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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Mar 3, 2020

Be More With Less creator and author of minimalist fashion challenge Project 333, Courtney Carver is sharing how she went from being an advertising sales director to changing her diet, quitting her job and getting rid of most of her belongings. Courtney teaches others how to create a minimalist capsule wardrobe and the ripple effects it has on other areas of your life. She’s making it easy for people to find a place to start and has built a community to support others on the minimalist life journey. The most amazing part of Courtney’s journey is that she was diagnosed with MS in 2006, but since becoming a minimalist and cutting out “stuff”  from her life, she has had no symptoms at all. 


Discover the many benefits minimizing can have on your life and your closet!


What we’re talking about


  • Discovering The Emotional Effect Minimalism Has On Your Life
  • How To Be Consistent In Maintaining Minimalism
  • Finding A Community Where You Are Not Alone On The Minimalist Journey


Discovering The Emotional Effect Minimalism Has On Your Life


Minimalism can have a profound effect on your closet and your life. By minimizing your belongings, you are able to find more focus in life. Courtney and I discuss how we spend more time with others because reducing your belongings, whether it’s clothes or clutter, takes something off your plate. You will feel more present and excited about life. Minimalism is a mindset shift and Courtney recommends you enjoy the process and not just the end result in order to avoid feeling discouraged with how long the process might take. 

How To Be Consistent In Maintaining Minimalism


Spring cleaning might happen once a year, but deciding to become a minimalist is something that you have to consistently work at. Courtney says that after spring cleaning her home, she feels the need to fill the space she has just cleared. There has to be a solid reason to change for good. For Courtney it was a health scare which motivated her to do things that reduced stress in her life and to no longer feel the need to fill the clear space. 

Finding A Community Where You Are Not Alone On The Minimalist Journey


Project 333 is a tell-all book about the challenges of creating a capsule minimalist wardrobe. It’s not a wardrobe prescriptive with do’s and don’ts, but a guide on how to be more with less. The book is about how to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. Courtney has also created the Project 333 community which allows you to feel a part of something, while being surrounded by others who have the same minimalistic goals as you do. Finding people with similar beliefs gives you the opportunity to know you are not alone and to feel the feelings you have. 


Are you ready to downsize and lead life as a minimalist?




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