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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Dec 24, 2019

Let’s get personal…about mom guilt, how I do what I love, and how I manage to not work on Mondays and Fridays. I’ve been getting a lot of emails and DMs asking how I “do what I do,” and how I’ve created a business where I work 3 days a week and still manage to be present for my daughter and husband and friends. The truth is that life and my feelings about working and being a mom wasn’t and still isn’t always perfect. It’s taken work, support and the phrase, “You’re doing a great job,” that helps make it all happen. That one sentence has helped change my life and it can change yours too. 

You’re doing a great job!

What we’re talking about

  • Seasons Of Life Are Like Toddler Phases…Always Changing

  • Celebrating Big And Small Wins

  • The #1 Phrase That Can Change Lives

Seasons Of Life Are Like Toddler Phases…Always Changing

If you’ve raised a child, you know that toddler life is all about phases and life itself is a series of ever-changing seasons. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, something changes. As a mom, there are mornings in which I’m crying, my daughter is crying and it just feels like things aren’t going right. I’ve learned that one of the most important things is to have supportive people in your life. People who not only offer you valuable advice, but who also acknowledge your efforts and tell you that you’re doing a great job are important to be around.

Celebrating Big and Small Wins

Whether you’re a parent or are launching a new business or simply living life, it’s important to celebrate all of your wins each and every day, no matter how big or small. Some days it might seem like nothing went right and you’ve been spit up on, late to meetings and got honked at in traffic, but those are the days where you need to tell yourself that you did a great job simply by getting out of bed! 

The #1 Phrase That Can Change Lives

The phrase that has changed my life, that can change your life and can help you change the lives of others is, “You’re doing a great job.” It’s truly that simple and yet, the impact those words can have are immense. You can literally change someone’s life by telling them they’re doing a great job. You can change your own life by reminding yourself that you’re doing a great job. Those words are a reminder and acknowledgement that we are seen and doing the best we can. 

Tell someone today that they’re doing a great job. 


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