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Whiskey & Work Podcast

Jun 16, 2020

Today’s podcast episode is such an important one… and I’m so thrilled to have listeners who actually want to dig deep into how to be a better person. Up this week, we’re tackling the tricky waters of white privilege.  The last month has been riddled with riots, protests, and really hard conversations about systemic racism in the US.  Woah - that got heavy for a second… and to be fair - IT’S A HEAVY TOPIC.  But a meaningful one, that I hope in my heart of hearts to become more educated on…. hence, our incredible guest, Ahyiana Angel’s, breaking it down for us today. 

I adore Ahyiana. She is the founder of Mayzie Media, and her mission is to be a chief encourager to the millennial woman.  We’ve had her on before to talk business… now we’re talking more about life.  Before I go into anything else… WARNING: It’s gonna be messy… but it’s also going to be real. 


What you’ll learn today… 

  • How can we understand and unpack white privilege?
  • Why this topic is hard for me, and what I think when I hear that word. 
  • Ahiyanas point of view on white privilege with an AMAZING analogy we should ALL know. 
  • Why is it so hard to talk about white privilege?
  • How can we talk about this topic without getting too personal? NOTE: Dinner table convo. 
  • Ahyiana’s (an educated black business woman) view on the current state of affairs in the US. 
  • Some BIG sweeping generalizations people are making about black and white people. 
  • Emotions like anger and sadness that come from having these difficult conversations. 
  • I share some things I’ve been nervous to discuss that might inspire you to take a step back and examine yourself differently. 
  • I also discuss a conversation I had about white privilege being different for men and women. 
  • As lastly, what role do we want to play as white females in society today? 


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